Community Transition
Since 1984 we have been providing quality nursing care in our large facility known as Friendship Homes. For many years we have been looking for the opportunity to transition these services into a more home-like environment. With generous assistance from the California Department of Developmental Services and San Diego Regional Center, we began nearly two years ago to make this transition. Within the next few months we will be entering the final stages of this process. When we are done, Friendship Developmental Services will have 18 locations in the south San Diego area providing services to 108 individuals.

Job Opportunities
We are currently hiring for a number of new jobs. Many positions do not require any prior experience and we offer on-the-job training. Check out the listings to see what new career might be waiting for you.

Contact Information
We would enjoy talking with you about any questions you may have. If you would like to be contacted by someone from Friendship please go to our contacts page and either fill-out the online contact form or choose from e-mail and phone options.

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